Did you know there is Vegan Wine? John Salley – The Vegan Wine [Video]

Did you know there is Vegan Wine?  The majority of people are unaware that wine, although made from grapes, may have been made using animal-derived products. Thankfully, there are several common fining agents that are animal-friendly and used to make vegan wine. Now, the trick is finding out which wines are vegan.  Healthful Essence has great food, but we like wine as well. Learn More

Healthful Essence Benefit of Drinking Sorrel

Healthful Essence has a Sorrel Drink

Healthful Essence has a Sorrel Drink

Every holiday season in Jamaica, a certain type of drink makes an appearance. The main ingredient comes from the sorrel plant. Sorrel is a perennial herb that also goes by the names Narrow-leaved Dock or Spinach Dock. Sorrel tea can be consumed either hot or cold. Sorrel is also used as a dried herb in meals. Learn More

Vegetable Mafe’ a Winter Stew

vegetable_mafeBest Way to Cook Squash

Butternut squash presents a particular challenge because of its oblong shape. To halve it, slice off the top and the bottom so it sits flat on a secured cutting board. Rest it on the widest end, and using a heavy knife, slice down vertically. If you face resistance, use a mallet – ideally rubber – to tap gently on the tops of both sides of the blade. Work as slowly as you need to. Learn More