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Healthful Essence at The Historic Westside Village Festival

hwvf_foodtruck_300The Historic Westside Village Festival is a free indoor/outdoor festival highlighting the trade and industry contributions of some of Atlanta’s premier business leaders of the past and those currently spearheading generational economic advancements within the Historic Westside Village Community to include English Avenue, Vine City, Ashview Heights, Hunter Hills and adjourning areas.

FESTIVAL ACTIVITIES ​​At the Historic Westside Village Festival all visitors will have a comprehensive cultural experience and take away resources that can enhance their lives by attending one of the educational seminars  in the indoor section of the festival. Outside visitors of all ages will be enticed, delighted and entertained by the vendors, attractions in the Kids Zone and constant live

PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE COMMUNITY ​​All proceeds go to the non-profit services of Stimulate America, AUMI, People United Foundation and the Greater Vine City Opportunities Program whom support the community.