You've Never Tasted Vegetarian Like This Before!

Angela Bassett Stopped by Healthful Essence

Angela Bassett Stopped by Healthful Essence

Plenty of celebrities are passionate about leading vegan or vegetarian lifestyles, which might be part of the reason Atlanta has become one of the most veggie-friendly cities in the entire country.

While working in Atlanta on a new movie at the Tyler Perry Studios, world famous actress Angela Basset took the time to come by popular Healthful Essence Caribbean Soulful Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant.

“I try to eat healthy, but I won’t get on other people’s nerves about it. If you want to eat bacon, I’m OK with that.” But she’s not shy about her own eating choices either. “I love vegan choices, raw food choices, and I’ll eat whatever I have to in order to get into whatever shape I need to get into for any one particular role.”

Thank you Angela Bassett for stopping by our place.  We love you, and hope to see you again soon!