Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Kwadwo on the right

Princess Dixon

Healthful Essence has been in the Vegan, Vegetarian healthy food business for over forty years. In the beginning, vegan-vegetarian was not a popular choice for the general population.  However, we saw a need to help people understand that they are what they eat!  In the past 10 years there has been a major change in the desire to seek out healthy food alternatives.

The increase in diseases, pandemics and financial hardships have played a large role in the thinking of people who once didn’t give a second thought to eating healthy. Social media opened up to many the cruel process of killing animals for food consumption. More than usual meat and vegetable recalls, because of contamination, also contributed to the change in what people thought about their food purchases.

There is a tendency to lean towards comfort food that is fast and convenient, which has given rise to an extremely conveniently  compromising food industry. At Healthful Essence we attempt to bring a balance to this compromise by offering raw, cooked, baked, soy free, gluten free, sugar free, vegan, vegetarian, all in a Caribbean and soulful flavor. In that span of forty years we have gone through a lot of trends and have learned a lot of things, and we are sure there will be a lot more to learn.

Our goal is to feed and please as many as we can!  We  say this with confidence because Healthful Essence is more than a  restaurant.  It it a way of life for many of our customers. 

At some point, we all should look deep within ourselves and ask the question “what direction am I going with my health, and with my health so goes my life.”

In Peace and Love
Healthful Essence

Princess and Kwadwo 

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